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Oh My Rockness

Zak Waters (Live + late DJ set) w/ Ghost Beach (DJ Set), Benedek, and Stella By Starlight

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  • $10.00 - $12.00
  • Show Type: Dance/Electronic
  • 21 & over

Zak Waters: Zak Waters, a Los Angeles native, emerged in early 2011 and arrived on the scene oozing with confidence, sex appeal, and charismatic vocal ability. His creations are perfectly crafted pop songs infused with contagious dance hits.  In 2011, he began releasing original tracks along with his first solo EP "New Normal". 'New Normal' was an instant success among the top music blogs, praising his unique spin on electro / pop & soul. On the stage, Waters & his full live band have been shaking up dance floors across the country with his impressive and ambitious solo work ever since it's inception.   Due to his quick success & buzz, he was asked to collaborate with one of the youngest & most talented producers & DJs in the dance scene, Madeon. Waters collaborated and wrote the melody and lyrics to Madeons biggest song to date, "The City", released in Oct. 2012. With the track being #1 instantly on UK's Radio One and its commercial success, Waters solo tunes were getting noticed on a different level. Waters was featured on NBC's late night hit show, "Last Call with Carson Daly" in Dec 2012 which gave a great look inside the craft and mind of his art. Besides his singing and songwriting, his producing was being noticed which led to his official remixes of major artists, Adam Lambert, All American Rejects  and Foxy Shazam. Most recently, Waters has been in the studio and collaborating with other highly acclaimed and well respected DJs such the nu-disco, house duo The Knocks, as well as Dillion Francis, Felix Cartel and Hot Mouth and DCUP. Aside from his successful collaborations, Waters' live DJ set has been noticed as versatile, mixing live vocals as well as playing much of his own infectious dance music, similar to that of Calvin Harris.   In the center of all of Zak Waters' hard work with other fellow writers/producers and DJs, Waters has been eager to release his highly-anticipated first full length album in early 2013. Shortly after the release of his album, fans and club-goers can look forward to a Club Mix EP, which will be used in his DJ sets. 2013 is proving to be a fast-paced and highly successful year for this Los Angeles up-and comer, a true artist, songwriter, producer and DJ, Zak Waters. 

Benedek :   Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Benedek (aka Nicholas Benedek) is a multifaceted musician/producer inspired by the cultures and sounds of funk, hip-hop, soul, progressive rock and jazz-fusion, as well as house and techno. Benedek was introduced to the electric guitar at age nine and was naturally drawn to the jazz and funk music of artists such as Herbie Hancock and Jeff Beck, amongst others. His curiosity for the expressive capabilities of synthesizers lead him to begin experimenting with beat production on Nintendo’s Game Boy Camera software, which featured an Easter egg of a three-track sequencer that allowed him to start creating the Game Boy’s 8-bit sound he often idolized. With a growing interest in music production, the young Benedek began toying with the production software Reason, and then purchased a Roland HS-60, his first hardware synthesizer. Benedek continues to draw Influence from science fiction and the early video games of the 1990’s and is now sharing his own interpretation of the future through music. Incorporating his knowledge of synthesis and production, as well as his virtuosic guitar, bass and keyboard playing, Benedek takes listeners on a funk driven, soulful, progressive journey through the deepest reaches of the mind.

Stella By Starlight: Stella By Starlight is an electrically inspired synth-pop band led by Nate Fowler.  Born a blue-eyed cowboy in Austin, Texas, Stella By Starlight grew up in the Low Country of South Carolina. He spent his nights impassionately cruising the streets of Myrtle Beach in his LeBaron convertible. He eventually grew an affinity for the finer things in life, and off he went to college.    He now calls Los Angeles home, emboldened and perplexed by the ghost of his achievements.

Ghost Beach: Ghost Beach are the latest pop pioneers to set the internet ablaze with only a couple singles floating around and without any major label backing. The New York-based duo of Josh Ocean and Eric "Doc" Mendelsohn take their '80s influences one step further with Ghost Beach. Only a few months old, they've already perfected a retro-future aesthetic that sounds like the holy trifecta of The Police, Depeche Mode, and Daft Punk, with a little Passion Pit sprinkled on top for good measure. Josh plays the jilted lover with vocal panache as Eric's soaring synths, guitars and forever young harmonies are plucked right out of Neverland. Ghost Beach is more about a time than a place, and that time is now.


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