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Silent Frisco: Wu Tang VS Boys Noize

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  • $10.00 - $12.00
  • Show Type: Electro
  • 21 & over

Silent Frisco: Like many concertgoers, Motion Potion’s first experience with Silent Disco was at the Bonnaroo Festival, when the promoters asked him to be their “guinea pig” for the new experiment they were springing on their audience. The idea of a DJ set with no speakers was one that had only been tried in Europe (to much acclaim at Glastonbury and elsewhere). After 3 4-hour marathon sets of singalongs, handclaps and call and response, MoPo was hooked and has spent the past 5 years pushing the concept around the country, including repeat performances at Bonnaroo, appearances at Camp Bisco, WMC, SXSW and a 20-date “Silent Soundclash Tour” last spring. In the summer of 2010, MoPo brought Silent Disco to LA for the first time on behalf of Tom’s Shoes founder Blake McCoskey’s birthday. After three hours of young, old, unknown and celebrity, dancing together, in the club and in the streets outside, Santa Monica had officially gone “silent”. On Friday, March 4, MoPo is bringing back the Silent Disco to Santa Monica for a repeat performance at the Central, this time open to the public. Only 400 headphones will be available,so it is recommended that you buy advance, or arrive early to ensure a spot. “The Music” you ask? What does MoPo play? Usually, when a DJ says “Everything” we roll our eyes because we think we got a brush off. In this case, “Everything” is the GODS HONEST TRIPLE TRUTH. MoPo calls his style “Electric Nostalgia” ; a combination of 40 years of popular dance music, mixed seamlessly over modern club beats. You’ll hear funk, soul, breakbeats, house, drum and bass, dubstep, reggae, latin music, balkan music, african music… A world of music. What MoPo also does, maybe better than any other DJ, is ROCK. He plays rock. He remixes rock, and he rocks at it. From the Beatles, to Zeppelin, to Radiohead to obscure indies, MoPo’s “ReBoots” will make your head spin.


1348 14th St, Santa Monica, CA
Phone: (310) 451-5040
21 + Nightclub

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