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Mini Mansions (ft. Michael Shuman of Queens of the Stone Age) w/ Harriet, Line & Circle, and Jesse Kivel (Kisses/Princeton) DJ Set

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  • $8.00 - $10.00
  • Show Type: Indie Rock
  • 21 & over

Mini Mansions: If pure sound had the capability to project images on a blank wall, Mini Mansions would be worthy projectionists. On a break from Queens of the Stone Age, Michael Shuman melded heads and locked arms with longtime friends Tyler Parkford and Zach Dawes in a dusty room in the San Fernando Valley. Here, they began a collaborative séance out of which birthed Mini Mansions in January of 2009. Though their triangle is usually confined to piano, bass, and a cocktail drum kit, the LA-based trio generates a Technicolor spectrum of sound drawn from the baroque, gothic, psychedelic, and cinematic realms. Their debut self-titled release, due out November 2nd via Rekords Rekords, curtsies to the past, bows to the present, and foreshadows a progressively more abstract future.

Jesse Kivel: Somewhere along the line, Matt and Jesse Kivel’s creative perfectionism challenged them to stretch their songwriting beyond pop music and into the avant-garde. For Princeton’s sophomore LP,Remembrance of Things to Come, the identical twin brothers shed the traditional rock-writing tropes-multiple chord changes, verse/chorus key shifts and electric guitar-that guided their 2009 debut LP,Cocoon of Love. Choosing instead to obsessively focus upon compositional patterns, dynamic rhythms and dense percussion orchestrations. The hypnosis of classical minimalism and its short, repetitive phrases became an artistic compulsion, and blending it with electronic dance music provided the conceptual genesis for Princeton’s new aural direction. So began a redefining of what the band was to become. Perfection, they learned, is not achieved when there is nothing more to add but when there is nothing left to take away. Employing the help of the seven-piece Los Angeles New Music Ensemble, Matt and Jesse Kivel hardly played instruments on the tracks as complex arrangements were layered over Ben Usen’s syncopated piano and David Kitz’s meticulous drumming. In the end, 18 songs were recorded and the 10 most cohesive pieces were chosen for the final album. They titled it after the thematic opener, “Remembrance of Things to Come.” The final result is an intricate pop opus that stretches the band’s ambitious vision and vital impulses.

Harriet : Harriet is a band from Los Angeles. Harriet is Alex Casnoff, Henry Kwapis, Patrick Kelly and Matt Blitzer.


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